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WUCF-Tv Control Room

Since 2013, I have been the sole/key makeup artist for our local PBS station.  This position came to me at a time when (only 1 month prior) I felt I had to let go of a lot of steady work with a local hmu team.  Sometimes you just know when it’s time to move on.  It was a leap of faith to leave.  But soon after, I began working with some of these lovely people.  As you can see in the photo above.. the control room is made up of an incredible crew of women.  These women are passionate about the content they produce and the quality of their work.  Being a part of this team, this station for the last 6 years has been amazing.  Hair and makeup, while important to camera work, can be pretty frivolous in the larger scheme of life.. Being a part of smart and meaningful programing… in turn gives meaning to my work. 

LIVE On-location: Florida Roadtrip @MathersSocialGathering

LIVE On-location: Florida Roadtrip  @AlfondInn

Randi Zuckerberg - SAP GLOBAL PARTNER SUMMIT 2019

SAP Global Partner Summit 2019 - Yesterday I had the utmost pleasure
of working with @Randi Zuckerberg. She was moderating for the keynote
panel. While she might be sister to another social media famous
Zuckerberg, I was thrilled to learn that after working at Facebook for
more than 15 years she now has her hand in many different pots,
including a producer of broadway plays and a very pregnant soon to be
mama of three. She could not have been more kind, vibrant and
appreciative. Lucky me ❤️.

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On-location Conference Set-up at Orange County Convention Center

Orlando Makeup Artist - Production/Video/Print

ORLANDO ALE HOUSE SHOOT  :: Last week came full-circle for me. After getting my bachelors and 4 years of teaching… and diagnosed with depression… I had finally decided I had enough of doing what I thought I “should” do in life, and was going to do what I had always wanted to do since high school.. become a makeup artist. I had no idea where to start.. but I turned in my resignation and got a job as a server at the Orlando Ale House to support myself while transitioning to makeup. It was a somewhat long and bumpy road, with some dead-ends… but I eventually did it. And have been a full-time makeup artist for the last 10 years! And last week, after so many years of entrepreneurial dedication.. I was hired to do hair and makeup for…. an Orlando Ale House commercial. Pretty darn sweet if you ask me. #fullcircle #nevergiveuponyourdreams #orlandomakeupartist #orlandovideoproduction #bts

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