Men’s Grooming

Men’s grooming is often overlooked for photo or video shoots.  Most men are no fuss simply because they don’t have the “know how” to best present themselves.  But ALL of them want to look their best in their final product.  Putting your client in the hands of a skilled hair and makeup artist (which includes both personality and artistry) can set them at ease, let them know they are being cared for and feel comfortable that any makeup application (or hair style) will never look “too much” so they can move ahead confidently to enjoy the shoot and focus on their interview/presentation.

Corporate Video + Photos.. and more!
Photography - Rich @SpectaclePhoto  (Unique style, extremely creative and highly recommended!)

Man in a suit laughing at a wooden table and masculine furnishings

Ames Landscape & Garden Tools - A History of…

This was shot with Florida’s amazing production crew Crawford Entertainment. Love working with Chad and Katie… always… 100%! Captain Ames created the company back in 1774! And we zoomed back in time by filming at the Barberville Pioneer Settlement. Laying beard to add to, and historically correct, the actors modern (beard) look was what it was all about for me.  I loved how authentic they made this scene look with costume, tools and set design!  Sparks, smoke and all!!!!

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Oh 2020… How beautifully you started the year!

February 2020 ~ 3-day national commercial, out-of-town clients shot right here at Orlando’s @UniversalStudios lot.  If you listen, you can hear the screams from the roller coasters throughout! And regardless of what they say about working with animals.. when you have trainers on set, some times they do better than the actors! Such a fun time keying hair and makeup, with a great crew.
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Behind the Scenes shoot at Universal Studios Orlando lot.

Orlando Model Headshot Sessions

I have had the pleasure of working with photographer Marliese Marie since 2012! When we are not doing production/commercial gigs in Orlando, Miami, (NYC - Marliese) and internationally! we are doing model headshots, actor headshots, and more headshots!  This type of hair and makeup is a subtle art… Your sole objective for this type of shoot is to learn the clients style and personality, and bring out their natural and unique features with a light touch. Enjoy!

Hair and Makeup: Tracie Cervero

Iceland - Child Model Magazine Shoot

My job brings me to so many unique places (in and outside of Orlando) to carry out my love for hair and makeup… So grateful to have been able to work and visit this incredibly beautiful country TWICE now with Photographer Marliese Carmona AND wardrobe stylist Argie Mitra … and what an amazing experience for these young girls.  Child Model Magazine and Marliese selected these two wonderful, fierce little souls to voyage on this international shoot, and not a peep out of either of them regarding the cold or wet.. they both were clearly enjoying themselves, and totally down to do whatever necessary to get the shot.  We could not have asked for more. 

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Fox Sports - MLS All-Star Game & Jr. NBA Game

Super fun doing hair and makeup (men’s grooming) for these back to back events with Fox Sports.  The MLS Championship broadcast Live on television hosted by @AlexiLalas, “The Demon” @FinnBalor, @MauriceEdu and @RobStone and was held in the @OrlandoCitySoccer stadium.   Several of them had just come from hosting the Women’s World Cup for the past MONTH in Paris.

Hmmm… now how do I get on that gig.  ;-D

and… the Jr. NBA Championship where so many incredible NBA legends (Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Dwayne Wade, Grant Hill, Vince Carter) and the NBA commissioner, Adam Silver, came together to get a good look at some of the youngest rising stars from across the globe.

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NIKE SHOOT - NBA Paul George

Working with @Paul George and Nike is like working with the best of the best.  Everyone on  top of their game… especially PG and his continuous slam dunks. Everyone bubbling with energy and excitement …the production from start to finish .. smooth. Thank you @WeAreVictory and @MollieRolfe

Hair & Makeup / Grooming : Tracie Cervero

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PBS Central Florida - WUCF-Tv

WUCF-Tv Control Room

As the key makeup artist for our local PBS station since 2013…  I get to work with an incredible crew. These particular women (Kristin, Kyle, Tricia, and Megan) are passionate about the content they produce and the quality of their work.  Being a part of this team, this station, for the last 6 years has been amazing.  We mostly do taped shows.. but over the summer we did several Live airings of Florida Road Trip.

LIVE On-location: Florida Roadtrip @MathersSocialGathering

LIVE On-location: Florida Roadtrip  @AlfondInn

Randi Zuckerberg - SAP GLOBAL PARTNER SUMMIT 2019

SAP Global Partner Summit 2019 - Yesterday I had the utmost pleasure of working with  @Randi Zuckerberg. She was moderating for the keynote panel. While she might be sister to another social media famous Zuckerberg, I was thrilled to learn that after working at Facebook for more than 15 years she now has her hand in many different pots at Zuckerberg Media including a producer of broadway plays and a very pregnant soon to be mama of three. She could not have been more kind, vibrant and appreciative. Lucky me ❤️.

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On-location Conference Set-up at Orange County Convention Center

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