1. Orlando Model Headshot Sessions

    10 Oct 2019
    I have had the pleasure of working with photographer Marliese Marie since 2012! When we are not doing production/commercial gigs in Orlando, Miami, (NYC - Marliese) and internationally! we are doing model headshots, actor headshots, and more headshots!  This type of hair and makeup is a subtle art… Your sole…

  2. Iceland - Child Model Magazine Shoot

    24 Sep 2019
    My job brings me to so many unique places (in and outside of Orlando) to carry out my love for hair and makeup… So grateful to have been able to work and visit this incredibly beautiful country TWICE now with Photographer Marliese Carmona AND wardrobe stylist Argie Mitra … and…

  3. Fox Sports - MLS All-Star Game & Jr. NBA Game

    15 Aug 2019
    Super fun doing hair and makeup (men’s grooming) for these back to back events with Fox Sports.  The MLS Championship broadcast Live on television hosted by @AlexiLalas, “The Demon” @FinnBalor, @MauriceEdu and @RobStone and was held in the @OrlandoCitySoccer stadium.   Several of them had just come from hosting the Women’s…

  4. NIKE SHOOT - NBA Paul George

    25 Jul 2019
    Working with @Paul George and Nike is like working with the best of the best.  Everyone on  top of their game… especially PG and his continuous slam dunks. Everyone bubbling with energy and excitement …the production from start to finish .. smooth. Thank you @WeAreVictory and @MollieRolfe Hair & Makeup…

  5. Margaritaville Orlando Resort

    24 Jun 2019
    Margaritaville Orlando Resort - 5-day shoot with Munoz Photography capturing the Margaritaville Resort + their H20 Live! water park!

  6. PBS Central Florida - WUCF-Tv

    14 May 2019
    WUCF-Tv Control Room As the key makeup artist for our local PBS station since 2013…  I get to work with an incredible crew. These particular women (Kristin, Kyle, Tricia, and Megan) are passionate about the content they produce and the quality of their work.  Being a part of this team,…

  7. Randi Zuckerberg - SAP GLOBAL PARTNER SUMMIT 2019

    13 May 2019
    SAP Global Partner Summit 2019 - Yesterday I had the utmost pleasure of working with  @Randi Zuckerberg. She was moderating for the keynote panel. While she might be sister to another social media famous Zuckerberg, I was thrilled to learn that after working at Facebook for more than 15 years…

  8. Orlando Makeup Artist - Production/Video/Print

    26 Mar 2019
    ORLANDO ALE HOUSE SHOOT  :: Last week came full-circle for me. After getting my bachelors and 4 years of teaching… and diagnosed with depression… I had finally decided I had enough of doing what I thought I “should” do in life, and was going to do what I had always…

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