Conferences are back! 2022

Conferences are a lot like Live TV.  Whether the presenters are going on stage or being broadcast virtually, it’s all live and there are no redos, edits or retakes.  As an artist, that means gauging your talent’s mood, comfortablility and concerns for what their about to do.  

Professional speakers like Miss Katie Linendoll (pictured below, @KatieLinendoll), host of this year’s SAP Conference, need nothing more than an artist they enjoy chatting with who can make them look as great as they already feel!  Others need a quiet space to continuously visualize and rehearse their lines, with little patience for sitting in a chair for very long, while I quickly create a look that’s not distracting and one they feel comfortable in while speaking.  

This was my 3rd year working with SAP (after 2 years of covid cancellations), one of Orlando’s largest conferences… and it was so reassuring to see the familiar faces of some of the crew and producers whom I have worked with year after year.  We’re back!!
SAP Conference 2022 - with virtual host @katielinendoll

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