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  1. Oh 2020, how beautifully you started the year!

    2020-10-30 16:23:56 UTC

    February 2020 ~ 3-day national commercial, out-of-town clients shot right here at Orlando’s @UniversalStudios lot.  If you listen, you can hear the screams from the roller coasters throughout! And regardless of what they say about working with animals.. when you have trainers on set, some times they do better…

  2. Fox Sports Mls All-Star Game & Jr. Nba Game

    2019-08-15 18:18:59 UTC

    Super fun doing hair and makeup (men’s grooming) for these back to back events with Fox Sports.  The MLS Championship broadcast Live on television hosted by @AlexiLalas, “The Demon” @FinnBalor, @MauriceEdu and @RobStone and was held in the @OrlandoCitySoccer stadium.   Several of them had just come from hosting the Women’s…

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